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Mission Statement

Mission Statement and Activities/Functions of the Henry County Library System

To provide access to the materials the residents of Henry County need to meet the challenges of their daily lives, and to provide assistance in identifying and using these materials. Materials will be chosen and organized in the manner most conducive to ease of use regardless of format: print, electronic, or some other format which may become available in the future. The library serves all persons on an equal basis in meeting their educational, recreational, civic, economic, and spiritual needs.

The materials, facilities and services of the Henry County Library System are available to the county’s population without regard to the political jurisdiction within which the resident lives. With the implementation of the Georgia PINES statewide computer catalog/circulation system, all Georgia residents enjoy access to all library materials.

The Henry County Library System has several stated objectives based on our mission statement:

    Supplement formal study and encourage informal self-education

    Serve the community as a center of reliable information

    Support educational, civic, and cultural activities within the community

    Stimulate thoughtful participation in the affairs of the community, the country, and the world

    Aid in learning and improving job-related skills

    Give access to a variety of opinions on matters of current interest and encourage freedom of expression

    Assist the individual to grow intellectually and to enjoy life more fully

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