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Workplace Violence Policy

Workplace Violence Guidelines
Henry County Library System

    Workplace violence, whether it consists of an overt physical act, threats, intimidation or bullying is a serious issue and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  All such incidents are to be reported to your Branch Supervisor and documented using either the patron or employee incident report.  Please forward these reports immediately to our assistant director and/or
our safety officer.

1.  If a staff member witnesses patron on patron or patron on staff violence or intimidation where (a) an individual’s safety appears to be in jeopardy or (b) there is a serious “disturbance of the peace” which adversely affects staff and/or patrons, call 911.  Even if such an incident results in no physical harm, the perpetrator may realize he/she is not getting a free pass when confronted by law enforcement officers.

2.  If a staff member witnesses violence, threats or intimidation by another staff member, report it immediately to your supervisor and make sure it is documented.
If a Branch Supervisor feels it is warranted, they are to call 911.

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