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Multipurpose Room Policy

Henry County Library System
Multipurpose Room Policy

Multipurpose Rooms in the Henry County Library System libraries are available for programs either sponsored by the Library System or initiated by the public for cultural, recreational, educa-tional, informational, or civic purposes.

Groups wishing to use Multipurpose Rooms must recognize that the primary function of these rooms is to support library programming.  Library programs take precedence over all other re-quests.  While every effort will be made to accommodate other users, the Library may cancel other Multipurpose Room reservations if necessary. 

All functions held in Multipurpose Rooms must be open to the general public.  Those wishing to hold “private” functions, such as baby showers or wedding receptions, should bear the public nature of the Multipurpose Rooms in mind – all functions must be open to the general public.

Use of Multipurpose Rooms by any group does not imply the Library’s endorsement of that group’s policies, beliefs, or activities.  Misrepresentation of this fact will result in the loss of the offending group’s use privileges.

Any usage of other portions of the Library outside the Multipurpose Room is subject to Board of Trustees approval.


Multipurpose Rooms may be tentatively reserved by calling the Branch Manager where the Room is located.  However, the reservation will not be confirmed until an adult representative of the group comes to the Library in person and fills out and signs the “Request for Use of the Mul-tipurpose Room” form.  By signing the form, the representative certifies that this Policy has been read and that the group will abide by them.

Reservations are taken in the order received, and will not be given more than two months in ad-vance.  No more than one use of a room may be reserved at any time.  Standing bookings cannot be made.

Maintenance Fee:

A non-refundable maintenance fee of $20.00 is charged all groups using the Multipurpose Rooms to cover cleaning, etc.

Room Setup:

Groups using the Multipurpose Rooms are responsible for arranging furniture and equipment for their function, and for returning furniture and equipment to their proper storage area after the function is over.  Library staff is not to be expected to perform such duties.

After Hours Use:

If the Room is reserved for a function which will occur when the Library is closed, an adult rep-resentative of the group may borrow a key to the Library after payment of a refundable cash de-posit of $XXX.  The key may be picked up at the Circulation Desk of the Library as late as pos-sible during the day immediately preceding the use of the Room; the key must be returned to the Circulation Desk as early as possible in the morning of the first work day following the use of the Room.

Room Capacity:

Attendance at meetings must not exceed the posted legal seating capacity of the Multipurpose Room.

Financial Responsibility:

By signing the “Request for Use of the Multipurpose Room” form the group’s representative agrees that the group will be responsible for damage to Library property (other than normal wear and tear) that the group causes, and for the cost of any extraordinary cleaning necessitated by the group’s activities.  The group also agrees to arrange furniture and equipment to suit their needs themselves, and to return furniture and equipment to their storage areas at the end of the func-tion.

Directions to the Library:

The Library, upon request, will furnish a map giving directions to the Library which can be cop-ied by the group using the Multipurpose Room for distribution.  Please don’t refer your guests to the Library for directions or program information.


•    All programs and meetings must be open to the public..
•    The Library does not furnish childcare.  Children brought to functions must be cared for by a parent or other responsible adult. Library staff cannot be responsible for unattended children and unattended children may not be left in the Library.
•    Groups of minors may use the Multipurpose Rooms, subject to the same restrictions as adults, but the representative signing the Request form must be adult and present at the function, thereby assuming responsibility for the conduct of the group.
•    Groups of minors must be accompanied by at least one adult for every 20 children.
•    Purchase of materials may not be required for attendance at a meeting.
•    Groups wishing to conduct fundraising activities for whatever purpose must receive prior authorization from the Director and/or the Board of Trustees.
•    A copy of any press release, handbill, invitation, etc., referencing a Library Multipurpose Room must be placed on file with the Henry County Library System.  No press release, announcement, flyer, etc., may state or imply that the group is sponsored or endorsed by the Library System unless the group has prior written approval for such action.  Multi-purpose rooms will be denied to any group which does not adhere to this policy and the meeting will be cancelled.
•    Refreshments may be served only with the prior permission of the Director.  The Library does not furnish cups, napkins, etc.; groups are responsible for cleanup.
•    Tobacco use, in any form, is forbidden within library buildings.  Smokers are requested to avoid blocking entrances and exits while smoking outside.
•    Alcohol and illegal drug use are forbidden anywhere on Library System premises, includ-ing the grounds.  Upon discovery of such offense, law enforcement will be called without warning to the offender.
•    Users are expected to remove and dispose of all of their materials, papers, trash, etc., when through using the room.  Any extraordinary cleaning cost due to excessive dirt, grime, or wear and tear on the facility will be billed to the organization.
•    The Library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings of persons attending meet-ings, nor does it guarantee parking facilities for those planning to attend meetings.  The Library assumes no liability for injury to person(s) during the time its premises are used, nor liability for damage to vehicles or equipment on Library grounds.
•    The Library reserves the right to deny use of the rooms for activities which seem likely to cause damage to the rooms or to their furnishings and/or equipment.

Termination of Privileges:

The Library System reserves the right to terminate the use of Library facilities and to refuse fu-ture use of its Multipurpose Rooms by groups or individuals:
•    Whose activities result in more that the normal wear and tear expected from routine use of the facilities
•    Whose conduct, or that of the children under their control, is sufficiently disorderly or objectionable to annoy other library users or to disturb regular library operations.
•    Who fail to clean up after themselves, to notify Library staff of spills or other events re-quiring janitorial attention, or to leave the room in good order.
•    Who fail, without prior notice, to use a room when scheduled.
•    Who fail to vacate the room at the appointed time.
•    Whose continued use of the facilities is determined not to be in the best interests of the Library. 
•    Who refuse anyone access to a function unless the room is filled to the posted legal seat-ing capacity.

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