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Volunteer Policy

Henry County Library System


“Terms of Agreement for Volunteers


The Henry County Public Library System welcomes volunteer workers willing to donate their time. Volunteers are not paid and do not receive special benefits (employment, forgiveness for fines/fees for overdue fines/ lost library materials) or other considerations.  Volunteers do not replace regular employees, or their duties and responsibilities as employed by the library. Volunteers will be expected to abide by the rules, regulations, and guidelines established by Henry County Library.


1.      Volunteers will be assigned in areas with responsibilities designated by library staff.

2.      Volunteers shall not have access to confidential patron records, circulation records, or employee files.

3.       No volunteer may solicit any contributions, assessments, or services on behalf of a candidate nor publicly endorse any candidate for any elective office while on Library time or premises.

4.       Volunteers may not solicit library staff or patrons for sales or contributions during working hours of the library. This applies to both profit and non-profit organizations.

5.      There should be no eating or drinking in the library except official library events, or when in designated areas.

6.      While volunteering for any branch within the Library System, you are considered a representative of the Henry County Library System. Please maintain a friendly attitude, and provide prompt, equitable and efficient service at all times.


                              (Board Approved January 9, 2006)


Application must be completed to become a volunteer for the Henry County Library System. References subject to be checked prior to approval.  


I have read and understand the terms and conditions of being a volunteer with the Henry County Library System.  (Box must be checked before approval)


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